Also, our training division is strong in identifying the gap within your skill set as an individual and your company, so as to deliver a customized online training program just to fit in to your specific requirements.



Jipsy Shukla Bhatt

Ms. Jipsy Shukla Bhatt brings close to couple decades of extensive experience in educational administrative leadership, teachers training, educational organizational consulting, and curriculum enhancement.

With a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics,Jipsy started her career as a Research Associate at University of Toronto to soon discover that she was born for something else. She quickly found her lost passion in field of training and education. She recently acquired her masters in educational leadership.

With more than 18 years of experience in North American Market, and as a strong believer of professional learning communities; she is a lifelong learner herself and is committed to help individuals achieve their life goals.

Prachi Shukla Shah

With 13 years of experience after finishing Masters In Business Administration, Prachi always had a passion to do something more, something core, something that she loves to do. Online Marketing has been her forte and she believes the fascinating world of digitalization is ‘THE’ thing to do.She thinks ‘Ignoring online marketing is just like opening a business but not telling anyone’.

With her Marketing experience, she has successfully delivered management trainings. Prachi believes strongly in ‘it does not matter what you upload, what matters more is with which strategy do you upload’.

Something just clicked right when a discussion over a cup of coffee turned into a new business. She admires her sister and starting a business with her was like a dream come true. The right cord was struck and they both got ready to set up Position Plus Consultants. All they believe in is now what they deliver.