Internet Marketing Strategic Plan

Our expertise, your advantage.


How we Work

At Position Plus Consultants, we offer our Internet Marketing services to perfectly fit for small to mid-sized companies. Strategic planning is crucial to all businesses but some companies make mistake of just starting online marketing without a strategy or without evaluating whether these services will help their company or not.

However, with position plus we do not allow you to commit that mistake, as step one, we create a complete internet marketing strategic plan for your company.

With our deep understanding and marketing expertise, we help companies in refining current online strategy or need to start from scratch. We help companies create a plan based on their specific business goals, their strengths and challenges. We work around to design the usage of SEO, SEM, Social media and more but only to fit into our client’s specific needs.


Client Questions

As we entered this business of online marketing, we realised that there are clients who have basic questions which are not answered and yet they want to get into online marketing just to be with the flow. At position plus, we decided to give them full information and make them understand the process before they decide whether this is really needed for their business or not.

After having a website why am I am still not on google?

I do not have budget to create a website but still want to be seen online, is it possible?

I do not have budget to create a website but still want to be seen online, is it possible?

How come my competitors are doing so well online?

How do I know if my online marketing efforts are working well or not?

What is search engine optimization?

Is facebook page necessary or can I use twitter or youtube?

Should I pay for facebook adverts?

Should I pay for google ads?

Do I need online marketing at all for my business?

All these and many more questions will be answered by us. Just sit back and relax as you decide to associate with Position Plus Consultants.


Social media marketing, search engine optimization, website development, individual online profile building are some of our online marketing services.

Analize Anything

Position Plus Consultants help companies in analysing data and keep committed to all necessary changes that they need to stay on top. We at position plus, believe in long term partnership with our clients and fully engage with them in their growth.