One Stop Shopping

We take your business where your customers are – ONLINE!

Digital Branding, Internet Marketing and Website Designing all that you need is what we offer.  Do not be on facebook when your customers are searching you on youtube! PositionPlus Consultants analyses our client’s business before placing them online.

Increase your Customer Base, Increase your Reach, Increase your Revenue.


We provide customized combination of packages to suit our client’s needs, hence Position Plus Consultants clients don’t pay extra!  BUT they get the most for their bucks. There is nothing like generic services with us as we believe every business is different from its goals to its deliverables.

Our customized services begin with a kick-off call and questionnaire, with which our team assess specific needs of our clients. Followed by a plan and delivered with final services promises you to reach the next level.

Fair pricing

We don’t overcharge!

Our fair pricing helps our clients to be introduced to today’s new digital era while they can still keep a tally on their balance sheets. We proudly provide industry experts with no overhead cost as we are a team of like minded experts working together to promote small to medium businesses on digital platform.