Social Media Marketing

Reach the right audience

How we Work

At Position Plus Consultants, we believe that not everything in marketing is needed for everyone. All businesses are different and needs to be marketed differently even online.

We identify the right platform for your business, based on the demographic targeted. Companies waste time and money on Instagram when their target audience is men over 40 or wasting time on facebook management when audience are teenagers. We do not let this happen as we believe in consulting you in such a way that you reach the target audience with least cost.

We just believe in posting right strategy, content and promote just perfect. Nothing more, nothing less. We build the required content, give perfect time frames for each posts and also give some designed image creative to make the posts more convincing.


Lastly, we can work with you minimally or we can take care of everything! Some clients just wish to know how to use social media better, which source to utilize and post their own updates. Others prefer that we handle everything from sourcing to making the posts. No matter how much, or how little you know about social media marketing we can help you and work with you however you need us.