Position Plus Consultants thrives to provide cutting edge digital branding services to small and medium size business. Our fair pricing helps our clients to be introduced to the new digital era while they can still keep a tally on their balance sheets. We proudly provide industry experts with no overhead cost because we are a team of likeminded experts working together to promote business on digital platform.

Our Story. Our Team.

Our Parent company Vidhia Electrotrans Industries was established in 1981. Vidhia Electrotrans Industries is a pioneer in manufacturing and repairing Special Design Transformer and Pilot design transformers, that’s what we know the best in Power Sector! Today, Vidhia is one of the leading establishments in heavy duty manufacturing and repairing distribution transformers in Gujarat, India.


Vidhia Industries is a brain child of Mr.Harendra Pujalal Shukla from conception to growth. It was Harendra and Sarika’s dream and vision to provide electricity to the smallest and tiniest parts of the state of Gujarat, India. Historically there were, and still are many small villages throughout India with none or very less electricity. The couple accomplished their dream by establishing a state of the art industry that has not only provided distribution transformer’s but have evolved in becoming the pioneers in Special design transformer’s and Pilot design transformer’s in the States of Gujarat and Haryana, India. Working side by side with Gujarat Electricity board, Vidhia Industries has successfully provided electricity in each and every household to the state of Gujarat. Today by using Vidhi’s innovative technology called special design and pilot design transformers, farm lands and remote places in Gujarat is supplied with 24 hrs of electricity for their farming irrigation and residential usage for an extremely minimum cost. Quality is a habit and never a necessity for Mr.Harendra Pujalal Shukla.


Walking on their parents footsteps, Jipsy Shukla Bhatt and Prachi Shukla Shah gave birth to another cutting edge solution to yet another buoyant industry, “marketing industry”. They provide digital branding, internet marketing and website designing through Position Plus Consultants. Today Position Plus Consultants runs on a common passion of providing digital knowledge, digital awareness and platform for all growing start-ups, small to medium size industries at an affordable price!

Our Team

We are a group of likeminded thinkers and industry experts with identical goals, who came together to empower businesses by providing cutting edge digital branding and digital marketing services.

Our team is made up of IT Engineering’s, Architects, Graphic Designers, Web Masters, Marketing and Branding experts, Information Technology experts and Continental research experts from North American and Asian markets.

Our Advisory Panel is decorated by Industry leaders in Construction and Project Controls Industries, Financial Sector, Pharmaceutical Industries, Power Sector and Real Estate Industry.


Position Plus Consultants is always open to on boarding hardworking talents. We hire locally and globally. Our team members are from different states, countries and continents. Feel free to send us your latest resume with a cover letter on

Executive Directors

Jipsy Shukla Bhatt

Ms. Jipsy Shukla Bhatt brings close to a couple decades of extensive experience in organizational leadership, employee training, organizational consulting, business development, marketing, and branding.

With a Master’s degree in Cell Biology and Genetics, Jipsy started her career as a Research Associate with the University of Toronto to soon discover that she was born for something else. She quickly found her lost passion in the field of education, training, and organizational development. She received her second master’s in Human Resources specializing in educational leadership from Towson University to nurture her hidden passion with structure.

With close to 20 years of experience in Canada, India and the United States, Jipsy is a strong believer and example of ‘growing by learning’. She is a lifelong learner herself and is committed to helping individuals and companies achieve their desired goals through organizational leadership and business branding.

Prachi Shukla Shah

Masters In Business Administration was just not a degree for Ms. Prachi Shukla Shah. She always had a clear vision for her professional life. Her passion to create branding, just not marketing for a business was engraved deep down. With the Online revolution,  she was able to recognize the importance of Digital Marketing early on. Prachi truly believes in the fascinating world of digitalization! She thinks ‘Ignoring online marketing is just like opening a business without telling anyone’.

Prachi has worked for several leading Information Technology companies dealing with international marketing. She has successfully delivered corporate management training. She strongly believes that it hardly matters as what information you choose to upload, what matters most is with why you upload? with what strategy you upload.

The birth of Position Plus Consultants was over the kitchen counter sipping a cup of coffee! The sisters decided to bring their talents together in helping to brand small to medium size business who are unable to afford the high prices of commercially renowned branding companies!! The right cord was struck, they had the passion, the knowledge, right resources, great team, powerful business background and most importantly the right reason to contribute in providing cutting edge digital branding and digital marketing services to businesses at an affordable cost.