Corporate Training

As a company it is important for you to recognize the vital role soft skills play within your team and not only work on developing them within yourself, but encourage their development throughout the organization.

Corporate Training

Technically your people are strong and updated but do they need some skills enhancement? Are you as a company successful in staying ahead of time in providing them skill increments along with pay increments?

Every company knows that a fantastic and dedicated workforce is their backbone. They know those people associated with the company are actual assets but we do little for them when it comes to employee empowerment. Timely trainings, motivation and upgradation is crucial to speed up processes and produce quality consistently.

At position plus consultants, we have customized training modules for your workforce. We discuss your current company goals, design training specific to your company requirement as per the target audience. You can get in touch with our team who will identify the training needs and provide with a customized package which will be then delivered online. It can be a specific or combination of topics as below:

Manage Conflict In the workplace

Attitude for Service

Generate Leadership

Cross and Upselling


Online Presentations

Manage workplace stress

Time Management

Business etiquettes

The workplace has evolved as an interpersonal dynamic that can’t be ignored. The acts of listening, presenting ideas, resolving conflict, and fostering an open and honest work environment all come down to knowing how to build and maintain relationships with people. It’s those relationships that allow people to participate fully in team projects, show appreciation for others, and enlist support for their projects.